Welcome to my blog!

This is just that random home page every blog has, admit it. You can look around my blog anywhere you’d like and discover it 😀 I guess this is just a welcome post sooo welcome 🙂




Welcome to my first post, amazing right? I honestly don’t have a bright idea of what I’m going to do with this blog but it has been something I’ve wanted to start for a while now. I like sharing what I like with people because it’s easier for me to talk to someone on the Internet than in real life because let’s be honest, everyone from this generation is losing the ability to actually talk to someone in real life.

I was thinking that this blog was a way to express myself with what I like and what I do with my life. I LOVE travelling, I think it’s one of my favorite things in the world. I love learning about other people’s cultures and discovering the world. It is a way to escape from everyday’s life I guess you could say. I also have a love for vintage and basically anything from the 20th century. People usually think it’s stupid but I wouldn’t mind being in the time where phones weren’t sucking our lives out of our bodies which makes us scared of social interaction with people face to face. I mean if we were back in that time I would not be writing this blog but come on, you have to be honest that writing with a typewriter is way more awesome than in front of a screen; and taking pictures with Polaroid cameras is better than using a phone because well, the picture is instantly printed come on people! xD

Another thing I love a lot is actually video games. Video games are a form of art to me. One of the very first games I played was Tomb Raider 2 on the PlayStation 1 and all kinds of games like Street Fighter on the Sega Mega Drive 2. You may notice that since then the evolution of the design and graphics of video games are amazing. That’s why I would call it art. Video games can give you as many emotions as a movie. Everyone knows that you would cry if a dog dies in a movie (the worst one for me is I Am Legend it’s so sad 😥 ), well it could be the same for video games. I mean personally I’m a huge Tomb Raider fan and (spoiler alert) when you see Lara’s mother “dead” in Tomb Raider Underworld it honestly made me cry. Even the music at the end made me cry; I’m a very emotional person I’m sorry xD

So we’ll see where this blog is going to, I might never write on here, or I’ll write once a month or week. Maybe I’ll talk about whatever comes across my mind, or I’ll let you follow my journey to becoming a video game designer, or I’ll show you where I travel to. It can be anything, that’s what a blog is about right? Expressing yourself the way you want to? We’ll see ^^