I want to travel

I’m an introvert person but I do really love travelling. From exploring different places I guess you learn from other people’s culture which is something I really like. I’ve been to quite a few places since I was little. I used to go to a Spanish island I think but I can’t remember what it’s called and I went there when I was just born and when I was three years old so I can’t remember. I’ve also been to Turkey somewhere for two weeks when I was like five or six years old.

The places I do mostly remember are places like Barcelona in Spain. Barcelona is such an amazing city I love it. I’ve been there with my family like four times because it’s just so amazing. I’ve also been in Italy to two different places, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. I went to Rome in 2013 and the Amalfi Coast was in February this year which was also my last holiday outside of England and Holland where we go to visit our family.

I’m also the kind of person that loves browsing on Pinterest where you see things you want to achieve but you know you can’t because you don’t have such an easy accessibility to everything. Pinterest is really cool though and I always find something good about a topic I like. I have a travel journal, I only started it in February when we went to the Amalfi Coast but I’m making my bucket list in it with everything I actually find on Pinterest which also helps me get inspired.

The places I want to go with the help from Pinterest and basically from every form of social media are quite casual I guess you could say, but once I started to look around more there are some other places that I would really like to see even if it’s just to see one thing. So these are all the places I would want to visit before I at least die.

The first place I want to visit is Scotland. I never thought I would want to go there but I saw that there are some things I want to see. Stuff like Dunnottar Castle, Melrose Abbey, Orkney Islands, Finnich Glen, Fairy pools, Shetland Islands and the Mull Of Galloway. I saw this post on Pinterest which were 10 reasons why Scotland should be on your bucket list, so I put it on there.

Next place I would want to visit is Greece. There are specifically three places I want to go, the first one would be Mykonos and that’s because Delos is there which is supposed to be a mythological ¬†and archaeological site which I really like. And on the isle of Delos you have Mount Cynthus which I really want to see too. Secondly I want to go to Santorini, apparently it’s beautiful there. Some of my family members have been there and my favorite YouTuber has been there and it just looks amazing. Although my biggest fear is water, the ocean and stuff I still want to see the Red Beach and would also be amazing to get some pictures of it. And the third place in Greece would be Zakynthos, I also know people who have been there and said it was beautiful.

I would want to visit Ukraine too. I never thought I would want to go there but there are so many places that look like it has to be seen at least once in your lifetime like Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the leafy green “Tunnel of Love” near Kleven which I also found out on Pinterest, Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral and Mount Ai-Petri looks amazing.

Then there are places in Japan, Costa Rica, in the USA, Iceland, Thailand, Portugal, the Philippines, Norway, Hong Kong, Egypt en Croatie that I want to see. But I could write about that all day and nearly make a book out of what I want to see so might as well stop here.


I don’t know what to do

So I’ve never actually written on my blog because I just know that nobody would read it, but I thought about giving it another try at posting something.

A month ago I passed my driving test which I’m so happy about because I live in a country where you need a car and a driving’s license to get around, everything here is so far away from each other. The problem about having a car you need to pay fuel, and it isn’t cheap. And when you’re an 18 year old student you maybe never really worked because of not having a driving’s license. This was a problem for me because I’ve never actually earned money and I can’t find ways to earn money on the internet. You can’t trust every site that says you can do a survey to earn money, so I never went far with those. Another way was opening my own shop. I decided to open a Depop shop that I find out from a YouTuber. She’s an inspiration to me and when I watch her videos I just get excited to do something instead of sitting down all day on my computer. So I opened a Depop shop where I only sell two items for now that I don’t need to see if anyone is interested to buy anything, although nothing has been sold. I have so much stuff I don’t need that I wanted to sell it, but nobody wants useless stuff. Selling on internet wasn’t an option either then.

I applied for a few jobs to see if I could earn a little bit of money this summer to pay fuel for a car but I don’t think that’s going to happen either unfortunately.

If anyone knows a way to earn money tell me please