My Dream For The Future

I think a lot about my future especially because it is something that defines tomorrow. Tomorrow is the future, yesterday was the past and today is the present and we all know this. I’m young and still have so many years ahead of me but these years are going to be full of new things and adventures I know that. One thing that has to be in my future which is something I really want, is to travel. Travelling for me is a way to discover different cultures, meet new people, and see something different when you look out your window than the same old garden or road or even a building that you might see everyday and it honestly gets boring at one point.

Something else than travelling is that I want a job that I love. There are these people I know that choose their job because of the money. I know that money makes the world go round and that it can buy things you want. For me though, as long as I can afford a home and afford food and a good insurance I will be happy. I just want to be able to smile and be happy about going to work every morning rather than feeling sad and discouraged about going somewhere just because it pays a lot. Don’t get me wrong some people that earn a lot of money love their jobs. My first thing I want to achieve is becoming a Video Game Designer but the thing I’m doing at school won’t make it easy for me to study Graphic Design. If that doesn’t work out I can always do that later and start something with tourism. I wouldn’t mind that because it will enable me to travel and discover more things about the world. I speak three languages : Dutch, English and French, we even learn Spanish at school so I can use my languages as an advantage.

In the future I want to be happy. I know that this is not always a priority for someone but it is one of my priorities to be happy and feel okay in life. I do not want to be that person that wakes up every morning feeling like they don’t want to start their day or they just want to be done with their day. It’s sad knowing that some people think this way and I wish everyone could have a great and happy life, being able to achieve what they want to achieve.

There are so many things I want to do in my life and I’m not even sure I can do all these things before my life actually ends. One thing that I will do for sure is see every part of the world that I want to see. I recently got a tattoo to show that I want to travel the world and set foot on every continent before I die, it was my first tattoo and probably not my last that’s for sure.

So welcome to my random journal where I will talk about so many random things.